ETA – Leanership

We are excited to announce our ETA – empowerment through access learner-ship presented by Rush and powered by NAC – National Arts Council.

*applications closed for 2020*


Meet the learners

Ma-afrika Setona

Ma-Afrika Setona a bubbly young woman who is innovative and intelligent! Her heart is to address gender based violence in her community!

Omphile pilane

Omphile Pilane is a loud but focused person who cares about everyone around her. She is a very talented musician and her heart is to create awareness around sanitation for the homeless.

Amina Hassan

Amina Hassan is a balanced young woman who speaks her mind. She is a performer who would like to address issues around domestic insensitivity and mental health!

Gontse Kelebonye

Gontse Kelebonye is an active performer who is imaginative and fun. She would like to shed light on the importance of mental health and break stereotypes around it.

Melisande Heynecke

Melisande Heynecke is a passionate young woman who is dedicated to making her dreams of becoming a performer come true. She believes in inclusion and would like to address issues around stereotypes and ideas we have about people who are different to us.

Ofentse Masilo

Ofentse Masilo is a very talented young performer who's acting abilities are way beyond his age. He would like to look into issues teenagers face and the triggers that cause them.

Masego Sekhoto

Masego Sekhoto is a humorous individual who thinks outside the box. She is passionate about dancing and would like to address issues around drug and alcohol use in her community.

Ofentse Malete

Ofentse Malete is a forward thinker who likes to make things happen. He is passionate about young artists and arts education in his town.

Kgaugelo Morele

Kgaugelo Morele is a reserved thinker who loves to act and is involved in local film making. She would like to work on a project that addresses alcohol and drug use in her community.

Oratilwe Modise

Oratilwe Modise is an agile young performer who has experience in film but is ready to expand into theatre. He would like to look at ways of addressing young people dropping out of school and work on strategies around getting them back into school.